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The offer of ferroKOLOR is still developed and adapted to fully meet quickly changing market expectations. New products are launched all the time, whereas the characteristics of the offered products are still improved. With modern production facilities and technologies we guarantee to keep a high and stable production quality. That is why ferroKOLOR branded products has been widely recognized by the Clients.

The ferroKOLOR brand stands for:
  • a good product - featured with reliable and guaranteed characteristics
  • a reasonable price - with the best qualityprice ratio
  • a developed and efficient logistics - deliveries always on time

Pigment is mainly used for colouring products in many branches of industry, they are also used as catalytic agents, abrasive materials, as well as components and filling materials. Pigment is offered as powders.
Pigment which is in the original packaging have unlimited storing time. Our pigment is e light resistant (ultraviolet). In the scale from 1 to 8 they have the highest index - 8.
Resistance of pigment to high temperatures:
- iron oxide red (imperial red) to 1200 °C
- iron oxide black and bronze to 110 °C
- ferrite yellow to 150 °C
- chrome green to 1500 °C

ferroKRYL acrylic paint has a unique resistance to weather conditions and UV radiation.
It can be successfully used for painting:
- concrete fences
- ceramic and cement tiles
- elevations and outside surfaces
- and other concrete goods

Acrylic paints ferroKRYL can be mixed with each other. After adding the white ferroKRYL paint to other colours the interesting pastel shades of thebasic colours can be reached. More...

They decrease the amount of make-up water and improve the consistency of the concrete mix.

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